Stowe Village Massage Services & Pricing

From stress reduction to pain relief to improving overall quality of life, massage has many benefits. Here at Stowe Village Massage we offer a variety of massage options for your health and well-being. Our certified massage therapists will work with you individually to create a session that is perfect just for you.


Combo Massage

Offering a combination of lighter and deeper pressure massage, the Combo Massage is ideal when you are not sure which to pick. Your therapist will work individually with you to determine what is most important to you during your session. 

How much pressure is right for you? We want to know! We assume the philosophy that massage should never be painful, but still you can expect that some spots will be uncomfortable to have worked. Healthy tissue does not hurt! So if you are experiencing discomfort, it means there is some issue happening in that area that is worthy of discussing with your practitioner. The more you can tell us during your session about how you are experiencing the work, the better we can serve you.

30min-$65 | 45min-$75 | 60min – $85 | 75min – $105 | 90min – $125 

Deep Tissue Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage is excellent for relieving chronic muscle tightness, helping with injury recovery, releasing knots and loosening connective tissue. Our practitioners employ a variety of techniques in Deep Tissue Therapy dependent upon their background and training—from deep Swedish to structural bodywork to neuromuscular and trigger point therapy, we will work with you and within your comfort zone.

30min-$70 | 45min-$80 | 60min – $90 | 75min – $110 | 90min – $130 

Exfoliating Body Scrub

A nourishing delight! Exfoliate and renew with a choice of salt or sugar scrub. Aromatherapy is included with your treatment. Unscented scrubs are also available. This exfoliating treatment includes a full body massage that will replenish lost moisture and detoxify your skin. Refrain from shaving legs before this treatment.

90min – $150 | 120min – $190

Hydrating Body Wrap

Your journey begins with a full-body massage with our moisture-rich body butter. Available unscented or choose from our signature aromatherapy blends. While you relax in a cocoon of warmth enjoy the ultimate head, neck and foot massage. This treatment will leave you relaxed and with sensational, smooth, hydrated and glowing skin! Not recommended for our clients who are pregnant or overheat easily.

60min – $110 | 90min – $150 | 120min – $190

Maternity Massage

Sweet relaxation for the expectant mother. Prenatal massage is beneficial for relieving lower back pain and neck pain that occur as the center of gravity shifts with the growing baby. Massage can help with relieving fatigue, softening the emotional and hormonal changes pregnancy brings and fluid retention. It will bring a feeling of lightness and mental clarity.

60min – $95 | 90min – $135 

*Exclusively available in our Stowe Village Massage Center.


For thousands of years, foot massage has been used to relax and rejuvenate. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific points or areas of the feet to stimulate and revitalize all the organs and systems of the body.

30min – $60 | 60min – $85 | Add on 30min – $40


Reiki is a form of energy therapy that can be hands-on or no-touch with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “universal life energy” in Japanese and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki is used to relieve stress and pain and to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.

30min – $60 | 60min – $85 | Add on 30min – $40

Relaxation Massage

A lighter pressure massage, the Relaxation Massage is a gentle session that primarily uses Swedish massage strokes—long gliding effleurage, kneading, compression, warming friction, vibration and percussion.

The Relaxation Massage is the perfect choice for your first massage, or for those with very painful conditions such as Fibromyalgia or arthritic conditions, or if you simply want to relax and enjoy your massage.

30min-$60 | 45min-$70 | 60min-$80 | 75min – $100 | 90min – $120 


The Japanese word shiatsu means “finger pressure”. Shiatsu provides a nurturing and soothing way to release blocked energy and imbalances. The practitioner uses thumbs, palms and elbows to apply­ comfortable and appropriate pressure to specific points along energy channels in the body known as meridians. Shiatsu is exceptional in assisting the relief of stiff or sore muscles, headaches, tension and insomnia.

60min – $100 | 90min – $140 

*Exclusively available in our Stowe Village Massage Center.

Side-by-Side Massage

Available only in our Stowe Village Massage Center, our cozy rooms for two are the perfect respite. Enjoy your massage next to a good friend, family member or loved one.

60min – $180 | 75min – $220 | 90min – $260 

*Exclusively available in our Stowe Village Massage Center.

Side-by-Side Stone

Deep relaxation awaits you. Smooth heated stones become an extension of your therapist’s hands as your muscles are warmed and lengthened, and the stresses of life melt away. Not recommended for our pregnant clients.

75min – $290 | 105min – $370 

*Exclusively available in our Stowe Village Massage Center.

Sports Massage

Sports massage utilizes facilitated stretching and massage of varying pressures to encourage greater flexibility, balance and coordination, to better align posture and help prevent or recover from injury. This style is a “maintenance” or “rehabilitative” massage to be experienced when the body is in normal resting state. Please allow at least 2 hours in between your work-out and your massage for best results.

45min – $85 | 60min – $95 | 75min – $115

Stone Massage

Using both hot and cool stones, some of which are kept stationary and other stones continually in motion, the stone massage helps to improve circulation, relieve inflammation and calms the nervous system. It provides deep muscle relaxation and enhances the body’s natural healing process. Stone massage is not only good for the body, but for the mind and emotions, too. Stone massage may leave you feeling more focused or “down to earth.” A pleasure to not be missed. Not recommended for our pregnant clients. Those sensitive to heat should make their therapist aware before treatment.

75min – $140 | 105min – $180 

*Exclusively available in our Stowe Village Massage Center.

SVM Signature Treatment

A combination of our exfoliating scrub and hydrating wrap, it is sure to leave your skin soft and smooth and your mind completely relaxed. We begin with your choice of a salt or sugar scrub, combined with one of our signature aromatherapy oil blends to heighten your experience. You are then escorted to a private shower to rinse off. Upon return, you receive a massage with soothing body butter, again combined with the aromatherapy of your choice. You are then wrapped up in a heat-trapping blanket, designed to let the body butter penetrate deep into your skin. While you are cocooned in the warmth, we focus on your head, neck and feet. You will leave feeling pampered, relaxed and ready for your day. Not recommended for our pregnant clients.

90m – $175 | 120m – $210


Thai massage is an ancient form of meditative massage going back more than 2,500 years. It combines techniques of assisted yoga stretching and pressure point manipulation to work along the energy lines of the body. The therapist uses their hands, knees, feet and legs to move the client into a series of postures applying gentle, steady pressure tailored to each guest’s needs. The treatment eases tension, revitalizes energy, improves flexibility and releases toxins. It is a non-oil massage performed on a floor mat – loose clothing is worn throughout. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing such as yoga pants or sweats to your appointment.

60min – $100 | 90min – $140 

*Exclusively available in our Stowe Village Massage Center.

Treatment Add Ons


Add the benefit of healing oils to any of our massage options. Savor the aroma of therapeutic grade essential oils blended exclusively for the Inn. – Additional $15 for any available massage.

Deep Tissue, Side-by-Side Addition

Want more pressure with your massage? Let our therapists know, and we will also incorporate our special Deep Tissue oil into your session(s). $10 per per person.

Maternity Massage, Side-by-Side Addition

No charge, but please choose this option so we can be prepared for you!

Combine Massage, Reflexology & Reiki

Add 30 minutes Reflexology or Reiki to any service for an additional $40.

Use of Sauna or Jacuzzi

For hydrotherapy options immediately before or after your session, please choose this additional option so you will be scheduled in our Health Club. $0